Emergency Assistance: 07 4774 0144

Community Connect Program

The Community Connect Program will help during a crisis. But you don’t have to wait for a crisis either. Come in for a cuppa and a chat to get help with sorting out the concerns in your life.

Our very experienced worker can provide help to people experiencing complex problems from:

  • being at risk of homelessness and being homeless;
  • experiencing violence;
  • poor health and well-being;
  • financial pressure and struggling with everyday life.

The Community Connect worker will:

  • Provide the help you need and support you to engage with specialist services when needed, as well as continue case coordination if preferred by you.
  • Through close working relationships with local specialist services be fully informed and up-to-date with services to get the best possible assistance from what’s available.
  • Establish good processes to make it easy to refer to more appropriate services as needed and continue to provide good care and support in the meantime.
  • Make sure that your privacy is maintained and gain consent before referring to other services.

Our program can:

  • Respond quickly to arrange emergency assistance if required.
  • Provide transport to support you during crisis.

    Contact the Community Connect Coordinator

    Topsy Tapim

    Community Connect Coordinator

    Mobile: 0438 208 379
    Phone: 07 4774 0144
    Fax: 07 4774 0909

    1/43 Allambie Lane, Rasmussen QLD 4815