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Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY is a two year home-based early childhood enrichment program. HIPPY builds the confidence and skills of parents and carers to create a positive learning environment to prepare their child for school. Children join HIPPY in the year before they start formal schooling (usually three years of age).

HIPPY helps parents and carers learn many things including: how to be more involved in their child’s learning; understanding more about child development and the way children learn which in turn encourages a love of learning in children.

The program employs two parents as tutors who are doing the activities at home with their own children at the same time as being employed to help other HIPPY families.

Parents and carers also attend regular group gatherings to practice new activities, listen to guest speakers and participate in fun games that they can then try at home with their children. They also get to meet other parents who are doing HIPPY.

    Contact the HIPPY Coordinator

    Shimika Crisp

    HIPPY Coordinator

    Phone: 07 4774 0144

    Address: 1/43 Allambie Lane, Rasmussen, QLD 4815

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