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Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY is a two-year home-based early childhood enrichment program with activities and learning areas aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian national curriculum.

HIPPY empower parents and carers to be their child’s first teachers and builds their confidence and skills to foster a love of learning in their child while preparing them for school. Families join HIPPY two years before their child starts formal schooling (usually three years of age).

Through HIPPY, parents and carers will have the opportunity to learn more about child development, the way children learn and how they can support their child to love learning. With current research proving just how important the first five years of a child’s development are; HIPPY helps parents and carers be more involved in their child’s learning to ensure they are making the most of these crucial early years. HIPPY’s age-appropriate play-based learning activities not only help parents and carers prepare their child for school, but will also provide countless opportunities for families to take time to have fun and connect in our busy world.

Each year, the program employs two parents as HIPPY Tutors who are doing the activities at home with their own children at the same time as being employed to help other HIPPY families. Tutors are provided training through activities with the HIPPY Coordinator ahead of visiting families. They build knowledge about early childhood education, the theory behind it, and connect with other services in the area. As part of the two-year Tutor role, Tutors have the opportunity to pursue training to assist them with pursuing their career goals when they leave HIPPY.

Parents and carers also get to meet other families who are doing HIPPY when they attend regular Gatherings. Gatherings are an opportunity for families to practice new activities, listen to guest speakers and participate in fun games that they can then try at home with their children.

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