Emergency Assistance: 07 4774 0144

Youth Hub

Community Gro Garbutt and Upper Ross have an Afterhours Youth Hub/Drop-in Diversionary Service for young people aged from 10 to 17yrs.

This service in in place for young people who are at risk of offending or becoming involved in antisocial activities within the community.

Young People are always busy learning new skills, and we take pride in celebrating their achievements, milestones, and birthdays with them.

We work on activities to help young people carry out our Respects of Youth hub.

  1. Respect for yourself
  2. Respect for others
  3. Respect Staff
  4. Respect Community /Elders
  5. Respect property/equipment

On arrival registered young people sign in and can engage in a range of activities and supports.

Youth Hub offers the following support:

  • Access to computers and internet access to support research and engagement in education.
  • Yarning circle
  • Love Bites (developing healthy relationships)
  • Mental Health education
  • Learning positive behaviours and interpersonal skills
  • Developing social skills and life skills
  • Conducting education-based programs to assist with schoolwork.
  • Cultural programs to develop pride and respect and more understanding of their heritage.
  • Mentoring and guidance and support from community elders.
  • Nutritional meals and healthy eating choices
  • Individualised case management services for participants, including engagement with youth worker and case workers which includes referrals to services to access NDIS assessments, educational support, court support, medical support and mentoring for young people in relation to personal development.

On a program night, young people need to call in to book for program between 3pm and 4pm. Participants will then be picked up from their home address between 4pm and 5pm and return to the centre.

We prepare a nutritious meal on site for dinner and after eating we begin our planned activities for the night. One of our highlights of youth hub is our Yarning Circle – we are very interested in hearing the voice of our Youth.

After activities, all participants are then transported safely to their home address.

Responsible consent: All young people must be registered in person by a parent/caregiver giving consent for the young person to attend Youth Hub. Please feel free to chat with on of our friendly Team members.

If you would like further information or would like to register your child/ren, please contact our Community Gro Centres or Youth Hub mobiles listed below:

Garbutt Community Centre: 07 4779 7268

Garbutt Youth Hub: 0412 125 309

Garbutt Youth Hub operates – Thursday through to Monday from 3pm-10pm.

Upper Ross Community Centre: 07 4774 0144

Upper Ross Youth Hub: 0411 843 061

Upper Ross Youth Hub operates – Monday through to Friday from 4pm-10pm.

    Diane Jarden

    Youth Services Manager

    Phone: 07 4779 7268

    Address: 4 Hugh Street Garbutt QLD 4814